Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 19 October 2019

Driver who taunted Abu Dhabi petrol attendant banned from Snapchat by court

The man will also perform community service and is banned from owning a phone for a year

A driver who mocked a petrol station attendant by making him count hundreds of coins in the summer heat has been sentenced to community service.

The man shared footage of the Adnoc worker with a picture of a laughing face in a Snapchat video that sparked anger online.

“I will make you count them from today until tomorrow’s sunset," he can be heard saying in footage that deliberately showed the temperature was 38°C.

On Monday, an Abu Dhabi court ordered the man, who was not publicly identified, to carry out a month of community work - and banned him from using Snapchat.

Abu Dhabi prosecutors launched a misdemeanour case against the driver for subjecting the attendant to ridicule. He was charged under laws that govern the invasion of privacy.

In the video posted in June last year, the driver filmed himself paying the worker with a large bag of coins.

“You increased the price of petrol, for us, no problem, the state has been generous enough with us," he says in reference to cuts in fuel subsidies.

"But I have not cooled off yet.

“I will make you count them from today until tomorrow’s sunset.”

The attendant, who is clearly taken aback, asks: “What is this?” The man replies: “Take it from that. I don’t have a five-hundred.”

The video shows the attendant’s hands counting the coins on the counter.

“I will torture you today, count until tomorrow,” the man says.

The court rejected an appeal by the driver and upheld a lower court’s ruling from earlier this year.

The court ordered that the authorities confiscate his mobile phone for a year.

Updated: July 1, 2019 05:44 PM