x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Driver who died after Abu Dhabi road rage fight 'seemed normal'

The Emirati victim died after a fist fight with two other men after he refused to let them overtake, a court hears.

An Emirati man who died after a fist fight seemed normal when police arrived, a court heard yesterday.

Police received a report of a fight among three men after a traffic accident involving two vehicles. The 50-year-old man was driving on Mussafah Road in Al Bateen when two other Emiratis, MS and HS, allegedly attacked him because he did not let them overtake.

The quarrel also left one of the defendants partially paralysed.

"When we arrived we found the two defendants, one of them was in pain so we called an ambulance," said a police witness.

Later, the dead man's son and daughter arrived by car.

"After half an hour we saw the victim walking towards us from afar and his face was covered with blood. He said: 'They beat me with canes'," the witness said, but admitted the victim did not point specifically at the defendants.

"There was no one else there except MS and HS, the victim's daughter, son and driver," he said.

The doctor who examined the victim at the hospital said the man had no pulse or blood pressure, ane he was not breathing. He also had a swollen face, broken teeth and bruises on his back.

The victim collapsed in the hospital waiting room.

"It could have been due to a heart attack, head injuries or blood in his lungs," the doctor said.

An autopsy discovered injuriees to the brain, legs, chest and back.

Court was adjourned to view CCTV footage from the road and to determine if the victim's relatives wanted to seek blood money.