x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Driver molests 13-year-old boy, Dubai court hears

A Pakistani driver took advantage of his passenger when they were alone, a criminal court heard.

Dubai // A private chauffeur molested the 13-year-old boy he was responsible for driving to and from school, a court heard.

The Dubai Criminal Court was told that Pakistani MK, 37, took advantage of the student when they were alone in the car, forcing the boy to touch his private parts as they drove back from school on September 16. The victim, MO, told prosecutors that on the day of the incident, he found the door to the back of the car locked and so he sat in the front passenger seat. On the way home, the driver offered the steering wheel to the youngster.

"When I grabbed the steering wheel with my right hand, he pulled my left hand and put it on his private parts," said the student.

The boy pulled his hand away. The defendant allegedly asked him to stretch his arm and touch him again, but MO refused.

When the two arrived home, the driver asked to take a photo of the boy with his mobile. He also asked the victim to go out with him but warned the child not to tell his mother.

The defendant went on to massage the boy's neck and back before leaving.

The boy's mother, JY, a 37-year-old teacher, said that her son did not act normally when he returned home.

"He told me what happened and asked me why had the driver done so with him," said the mother. At that moment, the defendant called her to check on the boy and she confronted him. He hung up the phone and she called the police.

When interrogated, the defendant denied the boy's allegations and said that he merely put his hand on MO's left leg to keep him from making a mess in the car.

He denied a charge of sexual assault in court.

The next hearing will be on December 6.