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Driver bit employer's wife in wages row, Dubai court hears

A Pakistan employer is accused of biting his boss's wife's breast in a row over unpaid wages.

DUBAI // A driver grabbed his employer’s wife’s breasts and bit one of them as she sat on the floor resting after lunch in the family company’s office, a court heard yesterday.

The woman took a metal bar from the balcony of the office in Murshid Souq and beat off her attacker while neighbours and passers-by who heard her screaming gathered under the balcony to find out what the commotion was, the Criminal Court was told.

A?M, 28, from Pakistan, told prosecutors she had been alone in the office on October 11 and had asked the driver, K?R, 57, also from Pakistan, to fetch her lunch.

She said the driver had worked for the family for some time, and they trusted him. “I was shocked when he came from behind me and hugged me.”

The driver grabbed one of her breasts, then uncovered her other breast and bit it, she said. “I pushed him strongly and got up.”

The wife hit the driver with the metal bar from the balcony, then called her husband. He reported the incident to police, and the driver was arrested.

A hospital medical report confirmed there was a bite mark on the woman’s left breast.

The driver denied sexual assault and said he was being framed over a claim for unpaid wages.

“I did not do that,” he told the court. “I told her that they owed me Dh1,500.”

A verdict is expected on January 13.