x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Dh600,000 loan dispute could be settled with oath, defendant says

Emirati man says that if his uncle swore on the Quran that the money is owed him, he would repay it immediately.

ABU DHABI // An Emirati man sued by his uncle for not paying him back Dh600,000, told the Court of Appeals today he would pay the money immediately if his uncle swore on the Quran the money was a loan and not for investment.

The judge would not allow him to, however, because all the case files were not with him in court.

According to court documents, AA filed a lawsuit against his nephew FM for issuing a bad check for the money owed him. FM was sentenced to one year in prison by the Court of First Instance.

But FM, who is out on bail, appealed against his conviction, saying the money was given to him as investment money.

"If he swears now on the Quran that it was a loan and not an investment, I will pay him right now. I have the money in the car. I can bring it immediately," FM said in court.

AA told the judge he was willing to swear on the Quran that he lent him the money.

"When we receive the folder [with court files], you can swear," the judge said, after FM insisted he did not want to wait to resolve the case.

The next hearing will be on September 6.