x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 22 July 2017

Dh560 stolen from charity boxes, prosecutors say

Store supervisor is accused of hiding until all other employees left, then breaking into the collection containers.

DUBAI // A supervisor at a retail shop is accused of stealing cash from charity collection boxes in his workplace, the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard today. 

The suspect, DR, a 27-year-old Indian man, faces charges of stealing from his employers and damaging the property of others, court records said. He did not appear in court today.

Records said DR, who works as a supervisor at Max Retail Shop in the Abu Hail area, hid inside the shop as it was being closed. He then came out of hiding after all other employees left and used a screwdriver to force open five charity boxes, stealing a total of Dh560, prosecutors say.

He then tried to force open a safe in the shop but failed, records noted. 

AK, the store manager, said that when he opened the shop on September 4, 2010, he saw the safe with obvious signs that someone tried to force it open. He also told prosecutors five charity boxes were lying empty on the floor.

He noted that shortly after he discovered the theft, all employees showed up for work except for the suspect. AK said DR came in after the incident was discovered and admitted to it before him and another employee. 

He will be referred to the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours on charges of damaging property.

The next hearing is scheduled for February 13.