x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Detention for boy, 15, who kissed girlfriends

Boy will be held in a juvenile detention centre for an undetermined time. The girls involved were handed over to their parents.

ABU DHABI // A teenaged Emirati boy who kissed two sisters was sentenced yesterday to serve time in juvenile detention.

MA, 15, was charged with breaking into another's home and sexual assault after the father of two Emirati sisters, FS and SS, both 13, reported him to the police after finding the boy at his house.

After an investigation, it was determined MA did not break into the house, but was let in by the sisters, who he was dating at the same time.

FS and SS were referred to court with MA on the same charges.

In an earlier hearing, MA told the chief justice, Sayed Abdulbaseer, the head of the Criminal Court of First Instance, that this was not the first time the sisters had let him into the house and willingly kissed him.

Both sisters refused to answer the judge's questions. They neither denied nor confessed to the charges.

The girls were to be delivered to their parents for discipline.

The detention centre will determine when MA's term should end, based on his readiness and whether he is disciplined enough to be released.

He can be kept in custody until he turns 18.