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Dentist assaulted spouse who was jealous of his other wife, hears Dubai court

The husband claims his wife is suffering from mental problems caused by a brain tumour.

DUBAI // A dentist beat one of his wives with an iron box because she was jealous of another wife, a court heard today.

YK, 43, from Iraq, hit HF, 41, in the neck with the box before throwing her out of the house, prosecutors told the Misdemeanours Court. The attack on his wife of 20 years took place four months after he had married another woman, from Morocco.

"I spoke with him that day because he hadn't been visiting the children enough, but he started screaming at me then assaulted me using an iron box," recalled the first wife.

She then went to her neighbour's house and asked to borrow an abaya so she could head to a police station and report her husband.

"I received a call from my maid telling me that my Iraqi neighbour came to my house crying and bleeding from the arm," recalled the neighbour FT, 30, from Iran.

"She said he beat her and kicked her out of the house. She often said he had assaulted her but I never witnessed an attack. I would only hear loud voices as they often argued."

A medical exam found the wife had suffered scratches on her right arm and neck. The wife told prosecutors she had filed four previous complaints of assault against her husband.

But the husband claimed his wife invented the story because she was suffering mental problems caused by a brain tumour. He said she often acted erratically, stealing patient documents form his clinic and the passport of his second wife.

"She posted some of these documents and images on the internet, and wrote things to try to scandalise me two years ago," said the husband.

He said she returned the second wife's passport two weeks later after family members intervened.

On one occasion, he said, she had even threatened to kill him.

"She is very nervous all the time and not responsible towards our children. She would leave our three-year-old son at home alone and not return until past midnight," he said.

He denied assaulting his wife and said he was astonished when he was contacted by police on January 17.

"She tried to scandalise me among my family members in the UAE and Iraq as well as my clinic's employees, but because we have four children together, I tried to solve our problems quietly."

The case was adjourned to August 27.