x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 13 December 2017

Death sentence for killing in visa fraud operation

Man was stabbed to death over jealousy of his successful visa operation, according to prosecutors.

DUBAI // Two men were sentenced to death this morning for killing a colleague over jealousy that he was running a successful visa fraud operation.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance ordered execution for the 37-year-old limousine driver AA and 27-year-old office manager HM after finding them guilty of the premeditated murder of the Pakistani victim, Masoud al Rahman.

On August 20, 2009, they took him to an apartment in Al Hamriya area and stabbed him to death, then wrapped him up in a sack, placed it in the boot of his Lexus limousine and set it on fire in Sharjah Industrial Area, records show.

Police were alerted about the crime after Civil Defence put out the fire in the car. Mr al Rahman's body was recovered completely charred and was only identified through DNA tests.

Police investigations showed that AA and HM were closely associated with the victim and stated that they had operated a visa fraud scam in Dubai with him. Prosecutors said that the two grew jealous of Mr al Rahman after his earnings increased and he taunted them with newfound wealth.

The men confessed to the crime, but recanted at the Court of First Instance in May 2010, when they denied the charges before presiding judge Fahmy Mounir Fahmy.

Prosecutors say that on the day of the killing, AA dropped his wife off at Mirdiff, then went to meet with HM at 9.30pm. They went to two supermarkets in Deira to purchase the knife and sack.

At 1.00am, both men met the victim at HM’s home in Al Hamriya. When he arrived, records show, he said that he had Dh25,000 with him.

When Mr al Rahman passed out after drinking alcohol, HM and AA stabbed him five times, wrapped him up in the burlap sack and placed him in the boot of his limousine.

Six days later, HM set fire to the car to hide all evidence of the crime, records show.
The defendants said they did not find the Dh25,000, but stole Dh500 from the victim's wallet.

An investigating officer told prosecutors that a stab wound was found on AA’s hand, which AA said was obtained while he attempted to stop HM from killing Mr al Rahman. The officer said AA claimed he was overcome with guilt.
The sentence is subject to appeal.