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Death sentence for killer accountant who slit victim's throat in Dubai murder

A killer who slit the throat of a woman in her family home before stealing her jewellery has been sentenced to death by a Dubai court.

DUBAI // A killer who slit the throat of a woman before stealing her jewellery and escaping wearing her husband's shirt has been sentenced to death.

AM, 28, an accountant, was linked to the murder by forensics experts who found traces of his blood at the scene. The woman had fought back during his attack and managed to cut his face, drawing blood.

Prosecutors told the Criminal Court that the killer waited until the woman's husband and son had left the flat in Al Raffa before knocking on the door on September 26 last year. He was wearing gloves and concealing a knife.

He told the woman he wanted a receipt for a washing machine he had bought the family a year earlier and asked for a glass of water.

When the woman turned her back, he grabbed her and cut her throat. After killing her he searched the flat and stole the woman's jewellery before leaving the flat and locking the door behind him.

When the mother failed to pick up her son from the school bus stop a neighbour took the child home and called the father when she could not get in.

"She said she heard the TV on but no one answered the door," recalled the husband, SF.

When the husband arrived and entered the flat, he found his wife's body in a pool of blood.

A police search of the flat found that Dh25,000 worth of jewellery was missing.

Police witnesses told the court that blood drawn from the killer's face during the struggle with the dying woman had enabled them to trace the man and arrest him. They said he willingly confessed to the murder.

The arresting officer, KD, said the killer told him he carried out the robbery because he was going through financial hardship. The killer explained that he bought the knife, gloves, a small towel and duct tape used in the crime from a nearby supermarket.

The killer told him that when the woman saw his knife he asked her not to panic because he meant only to rob her, but she began screaming so he slit her throat.

"He told me that after the murder and the robbery, he put on one of her husband's shirts because his was stained with blood," recalled the officer.

The Criminal Court found the man guilty of premeditated murder and theft. Under UAE law all death sentences are subject to automatic appeals at both the Appeals and Cassation Courts, regardless of whether the defendant requests an appeal or not.