x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Currency smuggling earns woman six-month sentence

She tried to take thousands of fake euros and dollars through Dubai International Airport.

DUBAI // A woman who attempted to smuggle fake currency into the country through Dubai International Airport was sentenced to six months in prison by a Dubai court this morning.

JM, 32, from Congo, was also fined Dh5,000 by Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance and ordered deported after her prison term.

Prosecutors said that JM tried to smuggle 320,200 euros (Dh1.6 million) and US$93,100 (Dh342,000), all of it fake.

LH, a customs inspector, said that on May 2 she searched three of JM's bags and found the money hidden in secret pockets.

LH said JM told her a man had given her the money in Congo and asked her to deliver it to another man in Dubai.