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Cook denies molesting girl, 13, he met at bar

Cook denies molesting a 13-year-old girl he met at a bar.

DUBAI // A cook molested a 13-year-old girl he met at a bar, a court heard today.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that TA, a 27-year-old Egyptian who denies the offence, met SK, from Britain, when she was with her parents at a New Year celebration on January 1.

The girl told prosecutors she exchanged phone numbers with the cook and the pair began texting each other. She said the cook drove to her home in Arabian Springs on January 8 and she got into the car with him.

The cook then tried to unbutton her shirt and kissed her on her cheeks and neck against her will. She told him her mother was calling her phone and that she needed to leave the car to answer the call. She then ran off.

The girl's 41-year-old mother JS told prosecutors that her daughter returned home frightened and shivering. "Her face was red, and there was some mark closer to a bruise on her neck," said the house wife.

She asked what was wrong and her daughter told her what happened. The girl's parents then reported the matter to police.

A friend of the cook, a 19-year-old Briton referred to as JL, said she warned him against entering a relationship with such a young girl. She said she noticed him texting someone on January 1 and that he told her it was the girl.

Police tracked down the cook through his mobile number.

The next hearing will be on May 24.