x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Cook 'attacked workmate with hammer'

A Dubai court hears the case of a restaurant chef who attacked a colleague and stole more than Dh120,000.

DUBAI // A cook hit a colleague on the head with a hammer and stole more than Dh120,000 that the victim was carrying from the restaurant where they worked, prosecutors said. 

NG, 33, a Filipino, told police he needed the cash so that he could leave the Emirates to visit his homeland. He had tried, unsuccessfully, to borrow the money from his friends. He was charged with the premeditated attempted murder of M S, a Pakistani, and theft in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance yesterday.

A police officer told prosecutors that on February 13 he received a report about a man who was bleeding heavily. 

He was told that money belonging to a restaurant chain had been stolen from the man. Police discovered NG was planning to leave the country and he was stopped at Abu Dhabi airport where, police allege, he had money hidden in his shoes along with a ring, a bracelet and a gold necklace. 

NG testified that he knew M S was going to be taking the restaurant's earnings to the company's head office at 9am so he hid a hammer close to the vehicle that M S would be using. 

The defendant then asked M S to give him a ride to his home in the Al Quoz area. MS, who knew NG from their workplace, agreed.

When the defendant got into the vehicle, he used the hammer to hit MS on the head and took a bag that he thought contained cash, prosecutors said. 

However, he discovered the bag contained cheques and papers so allegedly he returned and hit M S several more times and stole the cash the victim was carrying. 

N G bought an airline ticket and went to the restaurant's head office to ask for his passport. He converted the currency he stole to US dollars and transferred some to the Philippines, it was claimed. 

The case was adjourned to November 9.