Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 21 June 2019

Construction supervisor jailed after labourer videoed himself being molested

The supervisor claimed the man had 'bewitched him' into asaulting him

A 68-year-old supervisor who hit a labourer on the head with a stick after he refused to delete a video showing him committing a sexual assault has been sentenced to three months in prison.

The supervisor, from Egypt, was found guilty of the physical and sexual assault of a Bangladeshi labourer, 30, on April 30 last year.

He denied the charges in court last November and said the labourer had "bewitched him" into committing the sexual assault, and had then recorded it to land him in trouble.

The incident happened at a construction site in Al Gharhoud.

The plaintiff told prosecutors that his supervisor had tasked him with moving some items into the basement. “He walked behind me into the basement and when I was done and about to take the stairs to the first floor, he suddenly hugged me from behind and started groping me,” said the victim.

He said he tried to talk the supervisor out of the act, telling him that what he was doing was wrong, but the man continued touching him.

The worker secretly filmed the incident using his mobile phone, but when the supervisor noticed the camera’s light he begged him to delete the video.

“I refused, but he continued pestering me and in the evening that same day he hit me on the head with a stick,” said the labourer. A fellow worker saw the incident and informed the site’s engineer.

“I showed him the video recording, and he called police,” said the plaintiff.

The Egyptian site engineer, 50, said: “I confronted the supervisor and he admitted to the 'mistake' and told me that he had not been aware of his actions because the labourer bewitched him into committing the acts. He also filmed him so he could use the video against him.”

The defendant will be deported after serving his term.

Updated: May 30, 2018 04:50 PM