x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Cleaner charged with running abortion business

He is accused of charging Dh1,000 to illegally give women injections and pills to end their pregnancies.

DUBAI // A cleaner made a living performing abortions by giving women injections and tablets in return for nearly Dh1,000, a court heard this morning.

MS, 32, from Bangladesh, is charged with performing two abortions illegally and practising medicine without a licence, prosecutors said.

"I didn’t do it,” he told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

According to records, NP, a 34-year-old Indonesian maid, fell in love with a man and had a child with him. When the baby was seven months old, she told prosecutors, she got pregnant again. Her lover, who is identified in records as R and is at large, told her about MS and suggested that he help her abort the pregnancy.

“This is true, I'm guilty,” NP told the court while holding her two-year-old child.

She said MS visited her and gave her two injections and five tablets. Five hours after taking them, she said she felt severe pain in her back and abdomen, and the pregnancy was aborted. She paid MS Dh1,000, records show.

NP told prosecutors she buried the dead foetus behind the home of a compatriot, FP.

Months afterwards, NP’s compatriot HB, 30, also went to MS for an abortion in her sixth month of pregnancy. A few hours after taking his medication on September 8, 2010, she gave birth to a boy, which died about 10 hours later.

The child was buried in the same place as NP’s foetus, prosecutors say. FP told prosecutors that when she learned about both incidents, she dug up the graves and gave the bodies to HB. She denied helping in their abortions but admitted to failing to report the incident to authorities.

NP and HB were both charged with having sex outside marriage, getting pregnant, having an abortion and hiding the bodies of the aborted babies. They confessed to the charges.

PP, an Indonesian maid, was charged with aiding and abetting. She also confessed.

A verdict is expected on May 30.