x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

CID officer jailed over attempted sex assault

A CID agent who kidnapped two women and tried to sexually assault them is sentenced to six months in jail.

ABU DHABI // A CID agent who detained two women he intended to sexually assault was yesterday jailed for six months.

The Criminal Court said it issued a light sentence because his bid to attack the women was not successful.

The Emirati was at a hotel at 4am when he met and spoke to two women who were wearing "indecent" clothes.

He told them he was from CID, showed them his badge and asked them to accompany him.

He gave them alcoholic drinks in his car and cruised around the capital before taking them to the beach. The vehicle got stuck in the sand and he called police to rescue him.

The officer's lawyer, Fayza Moussa, said that when the police arrived, the women showed no signs that they were being detained against their will, and made no complaint.

"If they were kidnapped it was their golden chance to cry for help and ask the police to rescue them, but they did not," the lawyer said.

Afterwards they went on their way and complained a day later.

Since the two women did not try to escape or show resistance at any stage, the court imposed the lightest sentence possible, the judge said. But he added that the evidence indicated the officer had intended to sexually assault the women.