x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Child killer branded an 'animal'

Prosecutors brand the killer of young Moosa Mukhtiar Ahmed an "animal" who "broke all the moral and religious rules of humanity", as more details of his horrific murder emerge.

DUBAI // Prosecutors today branded the killer of four-year-old Moosa Mukhtiar Ahmed an animal who "broke all the moral and religious rules of humanity", as more details of his murder emerged. Security around RR, the 30-year-old dhow boat captain who has admitted sexually assaulting and killing Moosa in a mosque during Eid celebrations, was tighter than in previous hearings, with 10 officers surrounding his cage at all times. "On the day where the pilgrims celebrate their pilgrimage and Muslims extol in the festivities, this decadent killer broke all the moral and religious rules of humanity, he premeditatedly raped and killed an innocent angel in the house of God," Chief Prosecutor Yousif Mohammed Foulaz told the court. "The defendant consumed liquor on the eve of Eid with his friends, left the party and went into a grave yard to consume more liquor into the early hours of the morning and then tricked the child into following him to the house of God and raped the young boy. "While the child was shaking in fear and asked that beast to let him go home he smashed his head into the toilet seat and homosexually assaulted the poor child until he lost consciousness. When his carnal inhuman greeds were satisfied, he ended a life of innocence by smashing the child's head repeatedly into the ground until he died." Prosecution lawyers again urged the judges in the case to sentence the defendant to death. The court ordered that RR, an Emirati, be psychologically evaluated and the results be presented to the court next Sunday, January 10. "The defendant pleaded guilty and closed all his doors for a defence," his defence lawyer Mohammed al Saadi told the court. "But before we judge him we have to take into account his mental health. How can any person commit such an inhuman crime with a sane mind?" Mr al Saadi his client might suffer from acute paranoia or even a condition known as persecution mania or persecution complex. This psychlogical disorder is a psychosis characterised by an acute, irrational fear that other people are plotting one's downfall, according to an online medical dictionary. "The circumstances of this crime, happening in the house of God, happening on the morning of a religious holiday and happening against a four year old child. All these incidences cannot be the result of a sane persons actions, or at least they should have us question his sanity," said Mr al Saadi told the judges. The court will reconvene on January 10 to hear the results of the psychological evaluation. amustafa@thenational.ae