x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 22 July 2017

Careless employers have Dh3m stolen

Police say the three men stole a total of Dh3 million.

DUBAI // Three robberies netted thieves Dh3 million, the director of the Dubai Police criminal investigation division said yesterday.

"The common factor on the three reports we received was the carelessness of the money handlers, who all lost the money in cash and by people illegally employed by them," said Brig Gen Khalil Ibrahim al Mansoori.

Brig Gen al Mansoori said the first robbery, on May 3, involved four Asian men who stole an envelope from an electronics store in the Naif district containing Dh1.5m.

"The employees were low-wage earners at the company. When one of the suspects found the money, he stole it, returned to their accommodation and planned with the three others their escape from the country," he said.

"The suspects relocated to another emirate, and before their escape a raid was conducted at their hide out and the money was recovered."

The second theft, he said, involved a man who employed an illegal driver and left an envelope with Dh500,000 in the car. The driver took the money, but was arrested with help from Al Ain police.

Police said the suspect was illegally employed for three years.

The third report also involved an illegal driver. Police say he stole Dh1m from his employer, who had just received it in a money transfer.