x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Car stolen, shipped abroad, prosecutors say

Men confess to taking car and forging documents to have it resold in Iraq.


DUBAI // An insurance agent and a manager were charged today with stealing a car, faking resale documents and attempting to ship it to Iraq.

Prosecution accused GM, 40, and AN, 46, both from Syria, of stealing a Honda Accord in 2009, forging a shipping letter from the Roads and Transport Authority and using the forged letter to ship the car out of the country.

GM denied all the charges when he appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance this morning.

According to court records, GM, took the car and sold it to AN.

Jointly, they forged a letter from the RTA and submitted it to a shipping company in Dubai, which sent it to Iraq, records said.

The car’s legitimate owner told prosecutors he had parked the vehicle in Bani Yas in Naif area on the weekend, but it disappeared. He said that he informed the police, who sent a memo to all stations and borders.

A Dubai police officer said in records that four stolen cars were found at the Ghuwaifat border station being shipped outside the country. The Accord was one of them.

Police investigated the shipping company, which provided he names of the two defendants, who were arrested shortly after, records show.

According to records, GM confessed and said this was not the first theft he and AN had carried out. He said there were two other men assisting them in their crimes. They remain at large, records said.

The next hearing was scheduled for March 22 to summon AN.