x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Cabbie turns sleuth in fake dollar case

Taxi driver leads police to a man using counterfeit US banknotes.

DUBAI // A quick-witted taxi driver turned investigator to lead police to a man using counterfeit US banknotes, a court heard yesterday.

Abdul Nazar Kunhi, 37, an Indian taxi driver, picked up MS, 28, at Dubai Marina, and agreed to the passenger's request that he pay for his journey to Deira with a $100 note.

During the journey the driver remembered that, the day before, one of his colleagues, Vinod Kumar, 29, had picked up a Pakistani passenger who paid with a $100 note that a money exchange later said was fake.

Mr Kunhi told prosecutors he arranged to meet Mr Kumar in Deira, and his colleague identified MS as his passenger from the previous day.

When MS realised he had been identified he made a run for it and tossed his wallet away, prosecutors say.

"I picked up his wallet and we started screaming for help," Mr Kumar told prosecutors. "One of the people in the crowd tripped him to the floor and he was surrounded."

When police arrived they found two $50 notes and seven $100 notes in his wallet, prosecutors say.

MS was charged with possessing and using $800 in fake banknotes. He denies the charges.

The Criminal Court of First Instance will issue its verdict on July 31.