x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Burglary was a family affair, Dubai court hears

A man and wife stole jewellery worth more than Dh100,000 from an apartment.

DUBAI // A husband teamed up with his wife and brother-in-law to take part in an elaborate burglary which netted them jewellery worth more than Dh100,000, the Criminal Court heard today.

Prosecutors said that TA, from Sudan, and his Romanian wife KA, both 29, joined forces with the wife's brother LA, 33, and a female friend from Moldovia, 25-year-old AD, to carry out the burglary, in which they also stole Dh12,000 in cash and other items.

The two women were said to have followed a man to his apartment in Al Mankhool on April 30 before tipping off their accomplices, who then showed up at the doorstep pretending to be police officers. They used fake ID cards and a fake search warrant to convince the man to let them into the apartment.

Once inside, they tied up the apartment's owner along with one of his friends who was visiting, before stealing the jewellery and other items. They then met up with the women at the gate of the building and ran off.

When police officers from Al Rafaa station investigated, they discovered that the memory card from a surveillance camera installed inside the flat had been removed by the burglars. However, cameras elsewhere in the apartment block captured footage of the four driving away from the scene. The cars were tracked down and the four people arrested.

Prosecutors charged the two men with impersonating policemen, forging official documents and using forged documents. The women were charged with aiding and abetting a crime. All of them denied the charges.

The husband said he had been trying to collect his mother-in-law's passport from the burgled man. He did not explain why the passport would be in the man's possession.

The case was adjourned to September 26.