x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Bogus policeman loses appeal

The conviction of a man who posed as a police officer to commit robbery is upheld.

DUBAI // A trader who posed as a policeman to "arrest" a businessman, search his house and abduct him to obtain cheques worth Dh1 million saw his conviction upheld.

SA, 30, an Emirati who had appealed a lower court's verdict, and Pakistani business owner, BJ, 35, presented themselves as police officers at the home of the Indian businessman SS, 37, in July 2009.

They stole money, credit cards, threatened SS and kidnapped him. Both men denied the charges when they appeared before the Court of First Instance last year.

SS told prosecutors the men presented police identification. He said that after searching his house, they took him to their car and told him to give them the cheques. He said he negotiated the payment down to Dh300,000 and guided them to his office.

At the office, he contacted his wife and his accountant, who brought him the chequebook. But his wife contacted police and officers arrested the two men as they left SS's office.

BJ was found with the cheques and three more belonging to Emirates Bank. He was sentenced to three years in prison followed by deportation.

SA was arrested the next day, and two telephones belonging to SS and his wife were found with him. The men said they were owed Dh300,000 from a business transaction with SS.