x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Blackmailer jailed over video threat

Man jailed for blackmailing 70-year-old and threatening to post pornographic video of him on the internet.

DUBAI // A man who threatened to post pornographic images of a 70-year-old businessman on the internet if he did not pay Dh500,000 has been sent to jail.

The businessman was in France when he received his first call from the Jordanian MS, 33, in July.

"I didn't know the number or the caller but he claimed it was urgent," the Emirati businessman told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

He said the man told him to pay Dh500,000 or face the scandal of having the images made public.

He ignored the matter at first but the Jordanian kept calling so he complained to police, who told him to meet his blackmailer with the money.

"We asked him to put the money in a shoe box and go to meet him," an officer told the court.

A police patrol followed and arrested the Jordanian, who was charged with making threats and blackmail.

He told police he had obtained the pornographic recording from someone who had worked at the businessman's house.

He said that man had since left the country.

Police also arrested two Pakistani men, SM and HA, who were charged with complicity and also sentenced to a year in prison.

The three will be deported after serving their prison terms.