x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Assets seized by the Government in UAE sedition trial

UAE sedition trial: Assests seized by the government and the closure of centres and websites in wake of sedition verdict.

Assets seized by the Government

1. An amount of Dh290,000 seized in the safebox at the home of the accused, Salem Abdullah Rashid Sahoo Al Suwaidi

2. An amount of Dh100,000 held at the "Tebah for Pilgrimmage and Umrah" in Sharjah, for Eisa Ma'adad Al Sarri Al Muhairi.

3. 20% of the capital, owned by Eisa Ma'adad Al Sarri Al Muhairi, of Al Salam English Private School in Abu Dhabi.

4. Dh1 million and one hundred thousand dirhams of the equity of "Manazel Construction Company".

5. Al Khatem Farm, North, No 97, owned by Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Kaneed Al Muhairi.

6. Residential and Commercial Building No 1875 in Muwaileh area, Sharjah, Plot No 1443.

7. Commercial Building No 2206 at Muwaileh area, Sharjah, Plot No 804

8. Dh1 million owned by Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al Rustumani.

9. Devices and tools used in the crime.

Closure of the following was ordered

1. Al Aqel Al Thaki Centre

2. Al Usrah Al Saeeda Centre.

3. Manarat Educational Consultancy MEC in Ajman.

4. Websites shut down:

> Emirates Media '&' Studies Center (EMASC)

> The Seven Emiratis

> watanserb.com (Watan Yughared Kharej Al Serb - Homeland Tweets Outside The Flock )

> aleslaah.net (Da'wat Al Eslah - Call To Reform)

> www.yanabeea.net (Yanabe'a Tarbawiya - Educational springs)