x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Assault suspects posed as government workers, court hears

The men bullied a shopkeeper into giving them money, then touched her inappropriately, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Two men were charged this morning with posing as Dubai government employees, stealing from a woman and sexually assaulting her.

SD, 23-year-old salesman from Iran, appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance and denied the charges.

WA, 24, Pakistani, failed to appear in court to face charges of criminal complicity, as prosecutors said that he assisted and abetted SD in committing his crimes.

According to court records, the two men, wearing in Emirati traditional dress, entered a company in Al Rafaa area, where they found the wife of company’s owner and introduced themselves as Dubai government employees. They asked for the IDs of everyone present.

The victim testified that they came about 12.30pm on January 9, days after she had arrived in the country and purchased some alcohol from a duty-free shop.

She said the two men saw the alcohol bottle and told her it was not allowed in the UAE. They said they would call police.

She said they started searching the company room by room and then when she asked one of the men not to call the police, he ordered her into a room, pulled up her shirt and touched her inappropriately.

“I did not understand what he wanted until he pulled my shirt,” she said, adding that he asked her for money to remain silent about the alcohol.

“He took Dh6,000 in Dh500 bills,” she said.

She said both men fled through the fire exit.

The next hearing will be on April 28 to summon WA.