Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 20 August 2018

Arrest warrant issued for man behind Adnoc coins video

Videoing another person and then sharing that video online is considered an offence under UAE cybercrime law

An arrest warrant has been issued for the man behind a widely shared video that features him ridiculing an Adnoc petrol station attendant by paying with hundreds of dirhams in coins.

Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution announced on Sunday that videoing another person and then sharing that video online is considered an offence under UAE cybercrime law.

The man, who appears to be an Emirati, does not show his face in the video. His voice can be heard mumbling phrases such as “you increased the price of petrol, for us, no problem, the state has been generous enough with us. But I have not cooled off yet.”

He then produces a plastic bag full of coins and says: “I will make you count them from today until tomorrow’s sunset.”

The attendant, who is clearly taken aback, asks: “What is this?” The man replies: “Take it from that. I don’t have a five-hundred.”

The video then shows the attendant’s hands counting the coins on the counter.

“I will torture you today, count until tomorrow,” says the man.

The video drew criticism from internet users who sympathised with the attendant.

“His salary does not exceed Dh1,000 [a month], he left his family and stands in the sun at 50 degrees temperature… and in the end, someone like this comes to play a prank on him?” said one tweet.

The public prosecution condemned the act and said they will take deterrent measures to combat behaviour “that breached values, ethics and goes against the law".

“This is to represent society and protect the rights of all individuals,” it said in a press statement.

"UAE law has set clear limits to prevent any disrespectful or offensive behaviour against others.”