x Abu Dhabi, UAE Friday 21 July 2017

Army loses bid to win damages

The UAE Armed Forces is seeking to recover damages from a former member they said cheated on a test.

ABU DHABI // The Federal Supreme Court this week rejected a claim for damages by the UAE Armed Forces against a former officer caught cheating on an examination.

The court ruled the damages of Dh150,827 sought by the Armywere not sufficient because the minimum amount for consideration is Dh200,000. The officer, who was fired after the incident, had argued he was entitled to Dh133,291 in compensation.

He was recruited as a student and the army then sponsored his studies in Britain and at UAE University. The sponsorship's terms stipulated that if he were suspended for any reason, he had to pay back half of the money spent on him. The Armed Forces argued he owed them funds after UAE University suspended him.

The former officer, however, sued the force for a nine-year delay in the issuing of his clearance and end-of-service money.

The Court of First Instance ordered an expert to decide the amount to which he was entitled. After the expert's report was presented, the court ordered the Army to pay Dh10,441, the value of his end-of-service payment, plus Dh122,850 in compensation.

The Armed Forces appealed the verdict at the Federal Appeals Court, which cancelled the verdict and ruled that the officer should pay back Dh11,601. The Federal Supreme Court also rejected the former officer's claim.