x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

American gets suspended sentence on weapons charge

American military contractor given a suspended sentence for carrying non-dangerous weapons parts in his hand luggage.

ABU DHABI // The State Security Court sentenced an American military contractor today to a suspended three months in jail and Dh15,000 fine for carrying non-dangerous weapons parts in hand luggage through Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The contractor, Nicholas Moody, a former US soldier, had been travelling from Iraq to the United States. Security officials at the airport said in September they found four pieces related to a rifle, including a gun-cleaning brush and a front grip.

Through a translator, the judge told Mr moody he was free to go but if he were arrested again, he would have to serve his sentence.

The parts "could not make a weapon," NM told The National after the hearing. "That is why I didn't think twice. ...  It has been tough but it is a lesson. I learned from it."

He spent the last two and a half months in Al Wathba prison.

"It has been ... tough. I was treated nicely, but [prison] is not a good place to be," NM said.

He said he was going back to the United States "as soon as possible" and was going to immediately notify his family of the verdict.

"I'm glad I am free,"  he said. "It is over."