x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Al Ain revenge killing trial delayed as new evidence emerges

Court delays verdict in trial of four Emiratis accused of killing two men in a tribal revenge feud, as new documents come to light.

ABU DHABI // New evidence concerning a murder allegedly perpetrated by four Emirati brothers as part of a tribal blood feud has come to light.

The Criminal Court was expected to issue a verdict in the case today, but instead announced the case would be adjourned to April 17 to give both defence lawyers and prosecutors a chance to study the new documents and present their cases.

The brothers are accused of shooting and killing two Omani men after ramming their car in Al Jimmi, Oman, in an revenge attack for the death of a fifth brother, allegedly killed by a relative of one of the Omanis.

Prosecutors have said they are also pursuing charges against the four brothers for disturbing the court.

In an earlier hearing, the four brothers broke the microphone in the prisoners' cage and began pounding savagely on the glass and screaming curses at the courtroom, after the judge refused to hear one of them speak.

This prompted court to seek extra security forces and anti-riot police during their next hearing.