x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Additional jail time for Dubai prisoners who raped inmate

Three 17-year-old prisoners who raped a fellow inmate in a rival gang are sentenced to a further six months in prison.

DUBAI // Three 17-year-old prisoners who raped a younger inmate belonging to a rival gang have each received a further six months on their prison sentences.

AM, RK, and RH assaulted their 14-year-old victim, smashing his teeth before stripping and raping him in his prison cell on August 30 last year.

"They pushed me into the cell after grabbing me from the neck and told me to take off my clothes but I refused and screamed for help," recalled the boy.

He said the trio took turns to rape him, telling him that they were doing to "teach your friends outside prison a lesson".

A fourth inmate did not rape him, but spat on him and slapped him before leaving the cell with the other three.

RK admitted having sex with the boy, but said the intercourse was consensual. RH confessed to rape, claiming the other two forced him, while AM denied having any sexual contact with the child.

The Juvenile Court found all three guilty of rape. Court records did not show why the four were serving jail time prior to the attack.