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Accused Dubai torture dad must be forced to testify, court rules

Father accused of torturing his 8-year-old daughter Wadeema to death refuses to appear at the Criminal Court today.

DUBAI // A father accused of torturing his 8-year-old daughter to death must be forced to testify, a judge ruled today.

HS, a 29-year-old Emirati who is accused of torturing his two daughters, Wadeema, 8, and Mira, 7 as well as killing Wadeema, failed to turn up to his hearing at the Criminal Court yesterday.

Despite being in custody at Dubai Central Prison the father "refused to appear", a police officer told Judge Maher Salameh.

"[He] needs to be brought to the next hearing, even with the use of force if needed," Mr Salameh replied, before adjourning the case to January 2.

The father is accused of carrying out the torture with his girlfriend AM, 27, who is also Emirati. The girlfriend appeared in court today with her newborn baby, who was delivered in the Dubai Central Prison.

The couple are accused of burning the two girls with irons, cigarettes and boiling water in their studio apartment in International City.

They are also said to have beaten them with sticks, electrical wires and bars and shocked them with an electric stun gun.

The girlfriend has confessed to all charges, but the father has denied all charges except one related to hiding Wadeema's body.

At the previous court hearing, on November 26, the father jumped from the dock and charged at a police officer who was testifying that when the father wanted to have sex with his girlfriend the pair would lock the daughters in the bathroom.