x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Accountant kidnapped and robbed

An accountant who received a wire transfer of more than three million dirhams was kidnapped by bogus policemen, court heard.

DUBAI // An accountant was kidnapped by bogus policemen shortly after receiving a money transfer of more than Dh3.5million, the Criminal Court heard yesterday.

The Pakistani accountant was blindfolded, gagged, chained and locked up in a room on the roof of a building in Freej Al Murar after he collected the transfer on March 13.

He told prosecutors that he had been working for Al Arz Trading for the past two years and that he had gone to collect the Dh3,670,000 with a colleague, a fellow Pakistani aged 25.

A car pulled up and four men claiming to be police told him they were arresting him for adultery. Before he could reply they blindfolded and gagged him.

He said he was taken to a small room on the roof of a building where he was robbed and beaten by the four bogus policemen and his colleague.

He managed to get free and went to the edge of the roof where he screamed for help.

Police tracked down the men through his colleague. About Dh1.5 million was recoverd - it is not known where the rest is.

The colleague was charged with kidnapping. Both he and another Pakistani, aged 26, face charges of imprisonment, assault and robbery. Six more Pakistani men - aged between 25 and 35 - are facing charges of knowingly possessing stolen money.The next hearing is due on October 11.