x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Abu Dhabi hospital to pay Dh100,000 for woman's botched treatment

The woman sued the Abu Dhabi hospital after burn marks on her legs turned black, citing physical and psychological damage.

ABU DHABI // A hospital has been ordered to pay Dh100,000 to a woman who suffered second-degree burns to her thighs during laser hair-removal treatment.

The woman sued a hospital in the capital after burn marks on her legs turned black.

She suffered physical and psychological harm and demanded Dh60,000 compensation and a refund of the Dh25,000 cost of the treatment.

The hospital told the Civil Court that no medical error had occurred and that such results were normal for people with sensitive skin.

They said the woman had been warned of possible side effects and asked the court to reject the lawsuit because she could still recover fully from the burns. They also asked that a new medical report be commissioned.

The court refused the request, and said it was convinced of the woman’s claims. It noted that the hospital had not given another reason for the burns and had not offered any proof that the woman had been warned of possible side effects.

For these reasons, it granted her a greater sum than she had asked for.