x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Abu Dhabi cook whose fingertips were sliced off at work gets Dh20,000 compensation

A cooking assistant who had the tips of his fingers cut off in a meat mincer is awarded Dh20,000 in compensation.

ABU DHABI // A cooking assistant whose fingertips were sliced off by a meat mincer has been granted Dh20,000 in compensation.

BM, from Asia, was taking some food out of the mincer when two of his fingers becamed jammed. The machine then turned on and chopped off the top of each digit.

He was working in the kitchen for an airplane supply company headquartered in Al Ain when the incident occured last March.

He filed a lawsuit against the company claiming he had not received sufficient training in how to use the machine.

Witnesses called by the Al Ain Civil Court said they were either not present during the incident, or were not sure about what happened.

The court ruled that the company was not fully responsible for the injury, noting that the worker must have received some training as he had been working there for two years.

A medical report estimated his injuries as constituting an 11 per cent disability for the purposes of compensation, and the court awarded him Dh10,000 for physical damages and Dh10,000 for moral ones.