x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Abortion case returned to prosecutors for more investigation

Cleaner is accused of illegally facilitating the procedure with pills and injections.

DUBAI // The case of a cleaner who allegedly performed abortions for Dh1,000 each was ordered by a Dubai court to be returned to prosecutors for further investigation.

A verdict was expected today, but Judge Hamad Abdul Latif ordered additional investigation that may add a premeditated murder charge, as one foetus was born alive and died hours after the abortion.

MS, 32, from Bangladesh, is already charged with performing two abortions illegally and practising medicine without a licence.

NP, a 34-year-old Indonesian maid, had a relationship with a man identified as R, and had a child with him, according to records. When the baby was seven months old, NP became pregnant again, she told prosecutors. Her lover, who remains at large, told her about MS and suggested that he help her abort the pregnancy.

MS gave her two injections and five pills for Dh1,000. Five hours she took them, the pregnancy was aborted, records stated.

NP told prosecutors she buried the dead foetus behind the home of a compatriot, FP.

Months later, NP's compatriot, HB, 30, went to MS for an abortion in her sixth month of pregnancy. A few hours after taking the medication on September 8 last year, she gave birth to a boy, who died about 10 hours later.

MS denied the charges.