x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

81-year-old assaulted wife, 35, court told

Man suspected her of having relationships with other men, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // An 81-year-old Emirati man has been charged in a Dubai court this morning with assaulting his 35-year-old wife.

The suspect, JA, a businessman and trader, denied the charges during prosecution investigations. He did not attend the hearing in the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours today.

At 9.30am on September 26, 2010, JA barged into the Al Jafillah house in which his 35-year-old Syrian wife lives and insulted her using in inappropriate language, records show.

He then beat her and threatened to kill her, accusing her of having sex with other men, prosecutors said.

The woman was at home with the couple's children, records show. Prosecutors say he threatened to take them from her in court proceedings.

Two Filipino housemaids told prosecutors that JA came to the house looking furious, then began the abuse, records showed.

The wife told prosecutors nothing had happened earlier to trigger the incident and said it was not the first incident in which JA had assaulted and insulted her. She said she always had avoided going to the police because she wanted to protect her children from witnessing such problems, court records show.

The court scheduled the next hearing for March 14.