x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

3kg of cocaine seized at Dubai International Airport, police say

Woman was trying to smuggle drug from Brazil to South Africa, police say.

DUBAI // Police stopped an attempt to smuggle more than 3 kilograms of cocaine in 13 women's handbags via Dubai airport, officials said today.

A woman from an unnamed African country, identified as NF, was caught with the drugs at Terminal Three of Dubai International Airport on December 15, Dubai Police said today.

Police asked to search the woman, who was traveling from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg, after officers became suspicious of her nervous and tense behaviour.

Officers found a piece of black, clay-like substance, weighing about 400 grams, which had the characteristics of cocaine. It was found under a white cloth attached to the button of the handbag she was carrying.

Another 12 pieces, weighing in total about 3 kilograms, were found hidden in the same way in 12 smaller handbags NF was carrying in her suitcase, police said.

Upon questioning, NF admitted that the substance was cocaine, according to Dubai Police.

She said she had been given the drugs by a Nigerian man in Sao Paulo and was asked to transfer them to Johannesburg in exchange for money, police said.

The case has been referred to public prosecution.