x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

16-year-old joyrider kills two and flees scene

The boy was driving his brother's car at 200kph when he hit two pedestrians.

DUBAI // A boy of 16 has been arrested following a high-speed hit-and-run that killed two pedestrians.

The boy, identified as G K from an Arab country, had taken his brother's Nissan sedan for a joyride and was driving at about 200kph when he hit two men at 8am on Friday, police said.

"He was driving at a mad speed and could not stop when he saw the two workers crossing the road," said Lt Colonel Ahmed Al Merri, head of the Criminal Investigations Department.

The two men, from India and aged in their mid-30s, were crossing Al Warqa intersection on Trablus Street on a pedestrian red light, according to CCTV footage. The road was empty as it was a Friday morning.

Police were able to identify the colour and make of the car from some of the wreckage left behind at the accident scene. They then started looking for owners of that make and model.

A few hours later, their investigation led them to a family where sources said the older brother "always used to lend his car to his younger brother".

"The information we received also revealed the boy was often driving in a reckless manner and had not taken driving lessons," said Lt Col Al Merri.

After receiving permission from public prosecutors, police raided the family home at about 8pm and found the damaged vehicle, officers said.

Both brothers were confronted with the crime. G K confessed he had borrowed his brother's car and struck the two men, police said. The brother reportedly confessed to allowing his younger brother to drive his car.

The legal age for driving in the UAE is 18.

G K has been charged with running over two people and leaving the scene of an accident, not providing help to the victims and driving without a valid licence. His brother has been charged with allowing an underage person to drive his car.

The case has been transferred to traffic prosecution.