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Cook denies molesting 7-year-old girl in restaurant toilets, Dubai court hears

British girl says she asked him for napkins but Indian man took her into a toilet and touched her before pleasuring himself.

DUBAI // A cook denied locking a 7-year-old girl in the toilets of the restaurant where he works and molesting her.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that Indian MK, 25, locked the girl in the toilet with him on March 7, when she was at the restaurant having lunch with her family.

The British girl said in her testimony that she was with her parents and sisters at the Internet City restaurant when she asked the defendant for napkins.

“He asked me to follow him, so I did, then he had me enter the toilet and joined me before he locked the door,” said the girl.

MK is accused of touching the girl inappropriately after he failed to convince her to touch him. He is also said to have pleasured himself before letting her go as she was crying loudly.

The 29-year-old mother of the girl, LO, said that her daughter had gone to wash her hands and, when she returned, she was not normal.

“She was shaking so I asked her and she told me she saw something disgusting that she can’t talk about,” said the mother. “When we got home, she told me everything. She told me how he tried to tempt her with chocolate.”

The mother said she called police and then, with her daughter, accompanied them to the restaurant. The girl then identified the defendant.

MK denies the charges against him. The next hearing is on June 24.