Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 17 June 2019

Construction worker dies after fist fight with colleague, court told

A medical report showed the man died of heart failure but that it may have been induced by the fight

A construction worker died after fighting with his colleague, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On April 3, the man and his 34-year-old Bangladeshi colleague got into a physical fight. A third man, a 22-year-old Pakistani, tried to break up the fight but the man – whose age and nationality were not disclosed in court records – collapsed.

The reason for their fight was not disclosed.

Police were called to the 25th floor of the building that was under construction in Business Bay.

“The first accused starting explaining that he meant no harm and that he and the deceased, were joking when it escalated into a fist fight,” said an Emirati policeman, 21.

The second defendant told police he arrived at the 25th floor about ten minutes after the two started fighting and tried to break up the scuffle when the deceased lost his balance and fell.

“It wasn't even a strong fall. He lost his balance first then I did and we both fell. He started having difficulty breathing then died,” said the Pakistani defendant.

“I just came to break the fight between the two. I had nothing to do with it,” he told police.

A medical report indicated that the man died of heart failure that may have been caused by the fight.

In court on Monday, both defendants denied a charge of physical assault and causing death. A verdict will be issued on June 18.

Updated: May 21, 2018 12:47 PM