x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Compensation to child jockeys complete

About Dh8,000 per child has been disbursed to improve their quality of life, which they can access once they come of age.

ABU DHABI // The federal Government has completed the distribution of compensation to child camel jockeys repatriated to Bangladesh and will continue to work with Dhaka to prevent child exploitation, an official said yesterday. 

Compensation of about US$2,200 (Dh8,150) per child has been disbursed to improve the living conditions of 879 Bangladeshi children who worked as camel jockeys in the UAE. They will have access to the money when they turn 18.

The UAE paid for the medical treatment of young jockeys injured in camel races and set up community centres to raise awareness of and lobby against the practice, said Ghazi Ashour, the charge d'affaires of the UAE Embassy in Dhaka. 

The UAE banned the use of child jockeys in camel racing in 2002. 

Unicef monitored the repatriations.