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Community seeks help online to ease traffic chaos in The Greens

Residents of the Dubai district are mustering support for an online petition for action to solve congestion.

More than 100 people have signed a petition calling for action to solve congestion in The Greens.
More than 100 people have signed a petition calling for action to solve congestion in The Greens.

DUBAI // Residents of The Greens district in Dubai are mustering support for an online petition for action to resolve traffic congestion that has blighted the district for months. The petition calls on Emaar Properties, the developer of The Greens, and the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai to improve access from The Greens to Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Sufuoh Bridge.

It was launched on Sept 26 with notices pinned on community boards and in supermarkets and coffee shops giving details of the web address for the petition. More than 100 people had signed the petition by Monday. Their comments expressed frustration at the delays congestion is causing, particularly during the morning rush hour, and offered suggestions to alleviate the problem. Marjan Cassim, who signed the petition, wrote: "I work at Media City and bought my property because of the easy access to and from work. I find now that, with all this construction, buying in a less demanding area would have suited me better because it takes me about an hour to get from The Greens to Media City."

Another resident said congestion had got worse since the introduction of the Salik toll on Sheikh Zayed Road because motorists were using minor roads to avoid paying the toll and clogging residential areas. "All the Salik dodgers clog the Greens roundabout," the resident wrote. Another resident said residents should be allowed to exit The Greens via Emaar Business Park, which Emaar is believed have rejected. Another proposed gating The Greens, like the nearby Lakes and Meadows developments, to prevent non-residents driving through it to avoid paying the Salik.

Rents in The Greens are at unprecedented highs and residents want Emaar to protect them from the traffic problems that have gridlocked Al Barsha. They also criticise Emaar for failing to carry out plans to build a road between The Greens and Emirates Golf Club to ease the congestion. Traffic in and around The Greens has been particularly heavy due to Ramadan working hours, restricted access through The Lakes and other nearby areas and Salik-dodgers cutting through Al Barsha. Frustrated that one kilometre journeys have been taking 30 minutes in peak periods, residents are demanding improvements.

"How can we be asked to pay such high maintenance charges and then Emaar fails to ensure that we have adequate access to the main roads around The Greens?" a resident said. "We are effectively trapped in The Greens because Emaar has failed to ensure that there are adequate traffic systems in the area." A company official contacted by The National said it had no plans to reopen access for Greens residents through the business park or provide gating for the district.

There are no immediate plans to redesign the road system, he added. tbrooks@thenational.ae * The petition can be found at www.ipetitions.com/petition/stranded-in-the-Greens