x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Clean-up campaign on UAE's Delma Island

A campaign to promote cleanliness and reduce the production of waste on Delma Island has been launched by the The Centre of Waste Management.

A two-day campaign to promote cleanliness and reduce waste on Delma Island was launched yesterday by the Centre of Waste Management - Abu Dhabi.

The campaign covers the areas of Shaabiat Al Jabal, Shaabiat Al Hammra, Al Shaabia Al Khadra, Al Shaabia Al Biedah, Al Shaabia Al Jadeda, Shaabiat Al Etisalat, and the villas of the Khalifa committee.

The initiative distributed 414 rubbish bins to residents, who were also reminded of the importance of segregating recyclable rubbish such as paper, plastic, glass and metal. The campaign is a collaboration between the Western Region Municipality and the Mawalif Emirati volunteering team.

"We call upon each individual, public sector body and privately owned company that has found a home in Abu Dhabi to work with us and help us preserve the emirate's ecosystem, natural resources and global position as a clean city," said Mohsen Al Ameri, branch manager for the Western Region at the centre.

"The campaign is in line with the centre's strategy to reduce waste production and promote recycling and reuse efforts. We have leveraged our long-standing relation with all segments of the community to further escalate efforts to safeguard the environment and make sustainable development a priority for all."