x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Classic FM proving a hit with UAE listeners

Abu Dhabi Classic FM has increased its reach by 34 per cent in the last three years.

ABU DHABI // Classical music seems to be striking a chord, as Abu Dhabi Classic FM has been named the fastest growing English-language radio station in the UAE.

In the past three years, the channel has increased its reach by 34 per cent, making it the top station in the country for over-45s in its core market of western listeners.

The data from IPSOS indicated that the next closest competitor only saw growth of 2.8 per cent in the same period.

As well as classical music, news bulletins and interviews, the station broadcasts a range of music including jazz and "global chill-out".

"While the station ranks highly with western expats, it is important to note that Abu Dhabi Classic FM extends further than just being an expat station," said Matthew Sansom, head of Abu Dhabi Classic FM.

"Our programming has real global appeal.

"Abu Dhabi Classic FM is part of Abu Dhabi's story as the region's 'capital of culture', and our growing popularity shows listeners' increasing interest in the Emirate's culture and arts scene."

The station plans to add new presenters and content in the coming months, and will continue to work with local concert and event partners. It is available on three frequencies: in Abu Dhabi on 91.6MHz, in Al Ain on 105.2MHz, and in Dubai on 87.9MHz.

It is owned by Abu Dhabi Media, which publishes The National.