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Chef to be deported for cutting supervisor’s arm over eating rules

Heated argument in Dubai restaurant escalated until a knife was produced

A chef will be deported for cutting his supervisor’s arm in a row about employees eating at work.

The Syrian chef, 27, used a knife to hack the left arm of the Egyptian supervisor, 29, in the kitchen of a restaurant in Dubai’s Business Bay area on March 12 last year.

Prosecutors said that the chef unintentionally caused his supervisor a permanent deformity.

“I was supervising the drinks section at the restaurant when I reminded the accused that staff members were not allowed to get drinks or meals without applying for them first,” the supervisor said.

He said that shortly after his remark, the accused returned asking for a cup of tea. The supervisor asked him to submit an application to get his cup of tea, which angered the chef who started screaming.

“He yelled at me for treating him like other staff members,” the supervisor said.

The two exchanged insults before the chef rushed to the meat fridge in the kitchen, picked up a large knife and struck at the supervisor.

The man shielded his head with his left arm. “The knife gashed my arm after which I fell unconscious and only woke up at the hospital,” the victim said

A customer who heard the screams rushed to the kitchen and called police when he saw the supervisor being attacked.

“I tried to break the fight but I stepped back when the accused raised his knife then it happened so fast and the other man was on the ground unconscious,” the customer said.Police arrived and took the victim to hospital where he underwent surgery, while the accused was arrested.

A medical report said that the victim lost full mobility in his left arm.

The chef denied a charge of assaulting the safety of another person and causing him a permanent disability.

He was sentenced to three months in prison to be followed by deportation, which Dubai Court of appeal overturned, ordering his immediate deportation.

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