x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Cheetah found roaming Al Ain streets

The animal reportedly ran away from his owner and broke in to another home.

An escaped pet cheetah found roaming the streets of Al Yahar North, near Al Ain, was captured with the help of police and Zoo keepers yesterday.

The five-month-old cheetah was reported to have run away from his Emirati owner, SS, and broke in to another Emirati family's home. It then began to attack the family's pet animals.

The cheetah - the fastest animal on earth - was reported to have been distressed by panicking residents causing it "severe agitation".

An Emirati family reported to police that a cheetah was in their home. Police came immediately and were able to surround the animal. Zoo officials were then brought in, capturing it by 1pm.

"[The cheetah] was suffering from severe exhaustion and thirst," said Mona Al Dhaheri, Director of life management of scientific and education at the zoo. "It ... was probably not fed for a period of time."

The animal will remain in isolation for a month for tests, and then be kept at the zoo.