Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 17 June 2019

Case suspended after defendant claims confession was obtained using 'torture'

Man accused of misdemeanours claims in court he was 'beaten' and given 'electric shocks' by Dubai Police

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours has suspended the case of a man accused of illegally selling alcohol and overstaying his visa after he told the judge his confession was extracted using "torture", presenting alleged signs of abuse on his arm as evidence.

The defendant, 28, from Kazakhstan, was arrested by a police patrol in Deira after they found him in possession of a box containing liquor.

He appeared before court last week to face charges of bootlegging and overstating his visa. He admitted to the latter, but denied the bootlegging charge and said that he had purchased beer and scotch for a party he was throwing for some of his friends.

“I don't sell alcohol, your honour. I was having a party. This alcohol was to be used by me and my friends,” he said.

The presiding judge, Ayman Abdul Hakam, then asked the defendant about his written confessions to police and to prosecution.

“Its true," he said. "I confessed, but only after I was tortured.”

Following questions from the judge on the nature of the torture he had been subjected to, the defendant said: “I was tortured by being beaten and having electric shocks in my arm.”

He then rolled up his sleeve and showed alleged signs of abuse on his right arm to the judge.

Judge Hakam ordered the suspension of the case and directed the prosecutor to initiate an investigation into the incident and all the officers involved.

The defendant was referred to the forensic laboratory for a medical examination to clarify the cause of the injuries found on his arm.

The case is suspended pending the results of the investigation.

Updated: February 28, 2018 04:47 PM