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Car stuck on cruise control has to be stopped by Sharjah Police

The Emirati driver got stuck doing 120kph on a road to Sharjah city but police managed to bring him to a halt before any damage was done.

SHARJAH // A driver whose cruise control got stuck at 120 kilometres an hour needed police assistance to clear the road ahead of him until his car could be brought to a standstill.

The Emirati was travelling on the Kalba-Maliha Road towards Sharjah city at 1am on Tuesday when the cruise-control system on his car malfunctioned, police said.

The driver called Sharjah Police and patrols were dispatched to his location, in the central region of Sharjah, to clear the road ahead of him.

Col Ibrahim bin Darwish, director of Sharjah Police in the central region, said officers were guiding the driver over the phone.

“To stop the motorist, a police patrol in front of the motorist lowered its speed. The motorist started bumping into the patrol repeatedly until the car’s speed went down and came to a complete stop,” said Col bin Darwish.

The director urged motorists to make sure their vehicles were in good condition and fit to be driven on the road. He also called for drivers to abide by the speed limit.


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