x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Burglars who used pepper spray have jail terms upheld by Dubai court

Two drivers who pepper sprayed the tenants of a flat before stealing Dh70,000 have had their five-year jail terms upheld.

DUBAI // Two burglars who used pepper spray on the tenants of a flat before stealing Dh78,000 have had their five-year jail terms upheld by the Appeals Court.

Indians A K, 25, and R K, 26, knocked and asked to use the bathroom in the flat on June 19 last year, but when the door opened they and two other men barged in and attacked the two residents with pepper spray.

They assaulted both roommates and ransacked the flat, finding Dh78,000 that belonged to the sponsor of one, and ran off with it.

The roommates chased down A K, then police tracked R K, who had Dh33,000 of the stolen money on him.

Court records did not make clear whether the other two burglars had been caught.

Their original trial was at the Criminal Court in September last year. The Appeals Court also upheld a deportation order to be imposed after their jail terms.