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Brothers ‘stab boy who refused their advances’, Dubai court hears

Four men stabbed a student then urinated on him because he refused to take drugs and have sex with them, a court heard yesterday.

DUBAI // Two sets of brothers stabbed a 15-year-old in the back and urinated on him because he would not take drugs and have sex with them, a court heard.

The gang started beating the boy when he refused their advances and stopped only when the mother of one of the accused intervened, prosecutors told the Criminal Court.

The attack happened when the Emirati victim and a friend went to meet the friend’s brother on July 28, 2011. They met at the home of a second set of brothers.

“My friend and the three others started taking drugs and asked me to join them but I refused,” the boy said.

He said his friend produced a knife and stabbed him in the back and hand, while the other three struck him on the head with a wooden stick.

“They asked me to take my clothes off but I refused, so one of them urinated on me,” said the boy.

He said they beat him until he fell to the floor, then started kicking him.

“I heard the voice of my friend’s mother telling them to let me go, then they started calling on a man who claimed to me he was with police and would get me in great trouble if I reported the incident,” the boy said.

He was taken to hospital after the mother of one of the attackers called police.

One officer, 25, said that when he arrested the two sets of brothers they confessed to assaulting the boy, claiming they did so because he arrived at the house uninvited.

But another officer, A Q M, 34, said they admitted the assault was because the boy refused to have sex with them.

Emiratis M A, 17, and A H, 16, were referred to the Juvenile Court.

Emiratis M  R A and S H, both 22, were referred to the Criminal Court on charges of assault and consuming drugs.

A verdict is expected on November 12.